Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I have seen in Tahrir

This is my first political post, but we here in Cairo needs all support we can. What I will list here is what I have seen with my own eyes today in Tahrir Square.
Today we were discussing if we will trust Mubarak's statements with two groups, I was pro going back home and leaving a symbolic camp to allow normal flow in Egypt. Towards the middle of the day Pro Mubarak demos started entering Tahrir Square, we rushed to peacefully stand and defend the square. For around 30 minutes it was just chants. A group of Mubarak supporters split, and naively I thought that this was a sign of chaos in the pro Mubarak group and the demos will end soon. Suddenly stones came from what seems to be the split group, I can't confirm that it was them, but it seems that stones coming from their side on the bigger Mubarak's supporters, and clashes started and lasted for a while until a point of calmness where we though the end of the violence. We began chanting "We are all Egyptians" when suddenly a group of people riding horses and camels stormed towards us beating the demonstrators mercilessly re-igniting the clashes. We have caught a police officer in civilian clothes and a group of employees in the government claiming that they were directed to end the demos in Tahrir or else they will not receive their salaries.
The organizers of the anti-regime protests were extremely cautious not to use violence. To join the group I had to be searched multiple times to make sure I or anyone carries any weapons of any sort, but the regime wanted violence. I just hope that you can support us by spreading the word.
We have Microsoft Egypt employees and local community activists among the demonstrators. Wael Ghoneim, local Google executive who is also an activist has been missing since Thursday. Please help us end the oppression.